About Chuck

Born and raised on a tenant farm in Scott County, Chuck learned early in life the value of faith, family and community. It was growing up on the farm that Chuck developed his hard work ethic and old fashioned commonsense. Today, Chuck is a successful business owner and farmer with over 400 head of cattle and nearly 100 acres of tobacco. Chuck is married to the former Sandra Fox. Together they have raised five children and are blessed with four grandchildren.

Chuck's Core Values & Principles

Chuck Tackett is a different kind of Democrat. A pro-family, pro-business Democrat, Chuck believes in limited government that provides basic services and protects individual liberties. Chuck rejects the idea that the answer to every problem is another big government program. Rather, Chuck believes government must live within its means – just like Kentucky families, farmers and businesses must do.

A Frankfort outsider, Chuck Tackett knows that to achieve success, whether it is in business or government, it requires a hard work ethic, commonsense and a willingness to work with others. Chuck will work with Republican Governor Matt Bevin, Democrat House Speaker Greg Stumbo and anyone else willing to end the partisan bickering and put Kentucky families first.

These are Chuck Tackett’s core values and principles that he will take to Frankfort as our state representative.