Chuck's Stand on the Issues

A Real Jobs Plan that Puts Kentucky Businesses & Workers First
While Kentucky continues recovering from the great recession of 2007 – 2008, our economy remains sluggish and wages stagnant. Chuck Tackett is proposing a jobs plan that supports Kentucky businesses that hire Kentucky workers.

Currently, our state government spends tens of millions of our public tax dollars every year with out-of-state businesses for goods and services. Instead of spending our tax dollars with out-of-state businesses and contractors, creating jobs for workers in other states; Chuck proposes to invest those public tax dollars with Kentucky businesses and contractors that employ Kentucky workers.

Chuck believes Kentucky’s current tax structure is outdated and no longer reflects today’s economy. Chuck Tackett supports comprehensive tax reforms that make Kentucky businesses more competitive, encourages investment in manufacturing and small businesses, while treating all taxpayers fairly. By reforming Kentucky’s outdated tax system, we can spur economic growth and create thousands of new jobs for Kentucky workers.

Fixing Kentucky’s Public Employees’ & Teachers’ Retirement Systems
Kentucky’s public retirement system is teetering on financial collapse with more than $19 BILLION in unfunded liabilities … or more simply stated – we are $19 Billion in debt. It is one of the worst funded pension systems in the nation, because for the past 15 years, the career politicians in Frankfort – Democrats and Republicans alike – have failed to do their job and make the required annual investment in our public employees’ and teachers’ retirement systems. Instead, they have spent that money on pork projects and programs to help their reelection campaigns.

Because of the neglect and indifference by the career politicians in Frankfort, Kentucky taxpayers are in a huge financial hole. But Chuck is committed to making our public employees’ pension system solvent once again. As a Frankfort outsider, Chuck opposes borrowing money from Wall Street to invest in the pension system. Instead, Chuck will apply his conservative business principles – reign in government spending and pay as we go.

Public Education v. Private Charter Schools
Unlike his opponent, Chuck Tackett is a strong supporter of our public school system. He opposes taking money away from Kentucky’s public school system and giving it to private, for profit charter schools with no accountability to taxpayers.

Higher Education & The Rising Cost of College Tuition
At the same time the politicians in Frankfort have cut funding to Kentucky’s public universities, resulting in skyrocketing tuition increases, they have also taken more than $28 Million dollars every year from the Kentucky Lottery’s needs-based college scholarship fund and transferred it to the General Fund where they can spend it however they please.

Chuck believes we should restore funding to Kentucky’s universities, freeze college tuition at its current levels and stop the illegal practice of raiding the Lottery’s scholarship fund.